Germany supports UNIDO with 1.5 million Euro

Botschafter Schmidt-Bremme, UNIDO-Generaldirektor LI Yong, Botschafterin Julia Villatoro (El Salvador)

Botschafter Schmidt-Bremme, UNIDO-Generaldirektor LI Yong, Botschafterin Julia Villatoro (El Salvador), © UNIDO

Press release

Vienna, 8 October 2021: Ambassador Schmidt-Bremme and UNIDO Director-General LI Yong signed two funding agreements amounting to 1.5 million Euro in support of UNIDO's “Trust Fund on Trade-related Capacity-Building” and “Trust Fund for Latin America and the Caribbean”. Ambassador Schmidt-Bremme:

Germany continues to invest in UNIDO as a strategic partner in the UN system to advance sustainable industrial development and trade capacities around the world. Moreover, Germany is glad to reinforce our cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean.

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