Wassenaar Arrangement: Plenary Chair Statement 2018

Transport mit LKW, Schiff und Flugzeug

Transport mit LKW, Schiff und Flugzeug, © Picture Alliance

Press release

Vienna, 10 December 2018: The United Kingdom published its statement as 2018 Plenary Chair for the Wassenaar Arrangement on export controls for conventional arms and dual-use goods and technologies. The Plenary meeting took place in Vienna on 5-6 December.

The aim of the Wassenaar Arrangement is to prevent the destabilizing accumulation of conventional arms and related goods and technologies in regions and countries worldwide by increased transparency and responsibility. On the basis of jointly-agreed lists of arms, dual-use goods and technologies each Participating State carries out export controls in accordance with national laws and practices. Germany is participating in the Wassenaar Arrangement and has integrated the continuously updated common lists in its national export control regulations.

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