Statement by Ambassador Küntzle on TOP 11 'Post-conflict situations' of the 48th UNIDO IDB session, November 2020


UNIDO – 48th Industrial Development Board

Statement by H.E. Mr. Gerhard Küntzle, Permanent Representative,

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

of the Federal Republic of Germany

23–25 September 2020

Agenda Item 11: UNIDO’s strategy for post-conflict/-crisis situations

Excellencies, Director General, Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,

UNIDO’s role and work in post-conflict and post-crisis situations have become

increasingly relevant. We therefore generally welcome the approach taken in

UNIDO’s strategy for post-conflict and post-crisis situations. We note that this

approach has also been recommended by an independent thematic evaluation

in 2015.

We share UNIDO’s belief that integrated approaches to ISID can make a

positive difference in post-conflict and post-crisis settings. Furthermore, we are

convinced that UNIDO’s technical expertise in implementing ISID can and must

be used in the best possible way.

Therefore, we strongly support the strategy’s recognition that certain

economic, political and infrastructural preconditions need to be met for UNIDO

to take action in such situations.

We also appreciate that the strategy stays within UNIDO’s mandate and

competences by focusing on the reconstruction of economic structures and on

supporting small and medium-sized companies with technical assistance and

training. We support the clear distinction made in the strategy between these

measures and humanitarian measures, and we welcome the continued focus

on affected vulnerable groups, such as internally displaced persons and

refugees, women and youth.

UNIDO’s role in post-conflict situations should be to assist post-conflict

communities in moving from dependence on humanitarian support towards a

recovery process that is self-sustained, resilient and nationally owned. Building

up local structures that are resilient must be part of the strategy to build back

better and greener.


In response to the current pandemic, Germany has committed itself to provide

1 million euros in support of the new programme launched by UNIDO together

with the World Health Organization in order to fight COVID-19 in Africa. The

programme will improve the supply of personal preventive and protective

equipment which will be produced within Africa itself, thus enhancing

resilience towards future crises.

Thank you!

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