Joint Statement at the IAEA Board of Governors meeting on ReNuAL+



DELIVERED BY: Ambassador Küntzle


Vienna, March 2020

AGENDA ITEM 4: Nuclear Technology Review 2020

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Madam Chair,

1. I have the honour to address the Board on behalf of the Co-Chairs of the Friends of ReNuAL, South Africa and Germany.

2. The Agency’s motto „Atoms for Peace and Development“ resonates with and finds expression in the ReNuAL and ReNuAL+ project, and 2020 marks 6 years since the modernisation project of the Nuclear Applications Laboratories in Seibersdorf began. The purpose was to construct new facilities to house some of the laboratories, acquire new laboratory equipment and perform some infrastructure upgrades.  This was subsequently given momentum through ReNuAL+ which began in 2017. Over the years, the Friends of ReNuAL group has grown in number and worked closely with the Secretariat to achieve set targets.

3. Furthermore, and critically so, we have been able through the generous contributions from Member States and donors to realise some of the afore-mentioned goals, as well as reach the ReNuAL/ReNuAL+ project funding target of € 57.8 million. The remarkable progress attained under ReNuAL reflects the achievement of significant milestones. The Dosimetry Laboratory’s new Linear Accelerator Facility and the Insect Pest Control Laboratory have successfully completed their transitions and become fully operational. These are two of the major milestones reached in 2019 and are indicative of how, through cooperation, member states can harness the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology for peaceful purposes.

Madam Chair

4. We are pleased to inform you that work is on track at the Yukiya Amano Laboratories, which will serve as the new home for three additional Nuclear Applications Laboratories. It is expected that the building will be ready for occupancy in the 2nd quarter of 2020. However, there is still much work to be done.  The final project element involves the enhancement of those laboratories planned to remain in the already existing laboratory building, which is almost 60 years old.

5. As planning for this phase is refined over the coming months, the Friends of ReNuAL Co-chairs look forward to working with the Secretariat as it reviews options to determine the most cost-effective and efficient approach to make the four remaining laboratories fit-for-purpose to respond to Member States’ growing needs.

6. In this regard, we are coordinating closely with DDG Mokhtar and the Secretariat on planning for the next phase of ReNuAL, and we expect to host a Friends of ReNuAL meeting in the near future to review and discuss the way forward and potential funding requirements. In this regard, we encourage continued Member State engagement and support in ensuring that the final refurbishment phase of the project is successfully completed on time.  Member States in a position to do so are encouraged to provide financial support for this effort.

Madam Chair,

7. We count on Director General Ambassador Grossi to continue to prioritise this project as an important instrument through which the IAEA provides direct and tangible support to Member States. The Co-Chairs, South Africa and Germany look forward to supporting him in his efforts to make nuclear science and technology for peaceful uses more accessible to Member States.

8. Finally, we would again like to encourage Member State Governors, Ambassadors, and experts who have not as yet been able to visit and tour the Nuclear Applications Laboratories and ReNuAL site at Seibersdorf to find time to do so.

Thank you.


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