Statement at the IAEA Ministerial Conference, 28-30 November 2018, Vienna





Dr. Frank Heidrich

Deputy-Director General

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie


IAEA Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Science and Technology: Addressing Current and Emerging Development Challenges


29 November 2018

09.00 am

in Vienna

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Distinguished Co-Chairs,


Ladies and Gentlemen,


I fully endorse the statement made by the European Union. Please allow me to add some further remarks.

 First of all, I would like to reaffirm Germany’s strong support for the Agency’s Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP).

We acknowledge the Agency’s hard work in the past years towards achieving the SDGs and its vital role in helping Member States in areas such as energy, materials, industry, environment, food and agriculture, nutrition, human health and water resources.

In our view, the Agency should provide technical assistance which leads to socioeconomic advancements and the strengthening of capacities in the peaceful use of nuclear technologies.

We look forward to fruitful discussions during the upcoming days and see this Ministerial conference as an excellent opportunity to highlight the Agency’s work in promoting and delivering the applications of nuclear science and technology for peaceful uses in accordance with the relevant provisions of the NPT.

Germany’s support has continuously been demonstrated by our financial contributions to the Technical Cooperation Fund (TCF) and other voluntary contributions. As such, we supported the Laboratories in Seibersdorf and the Peaceful Uses Initiative (PUI) with an amount of
11 Mio. EUR.

As we would like the Agency to continue its efforts in the future, I am very pleased to announce that Germany will contribute 385.000 EUR to the ReNuAL/RENuAL+ projects in order to enhance the energy efficiency of the Laboratories significantly.

Furthermore, we will contribute 418.000 EUR for PUI. These resources are intended to support the CGULS project coordinating the work towards mitigating risk from uranium legacy sites in the IAEA Member States of Central Asia.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

This Conference will be an outstanding platform for the exchange of opinions and visions between the Agency, governments, international organisations and representatives of the private sector. In this context, I would like to draw attention to the exhibition of the German company Zeiss which has developed valuable solutions – among others – in the area of radiotherapy.

Taking into account that resources to finance TC projects are limited, Germany sees the need to further maximize synergies across the IAEA departments and to utilize its resources efficiently and effectively. In this regard, Germany expects further efforts from the Agency to improve partnerships with relevant partners and donors as well as the regional and multilateral organisations, such as WHO, FAO and UNEP.

Furthermore, Germany attaches importance to the empowerment of women and gender mainstreaming. We therefore encourage the Agency to continue its work in this respect, for example by increasing the representation of women in the professional categories and management positions within the Secretariat.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to close my speech by stressing, that this Conference is a valuable opportunity to promote the Agency’s work which has Germany’s full support. I am confident that the upcoming days will allow us to raise the public awareness and acceptance on what „Atoms for peace and development“ means.

Thank you Co-Chairs.

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