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Erklärung anlässlich des IAEO-Gouverneursrats zur Nuclear Technology Review 2020





DELIVERED BY: Ambassador Küntzle


Vienna, March 2020

AGENDA ITEM 4: Nuclear Technology Review 2020

Madam Chair,

1. Germany aligns itself with the statement delivered by Croatia on behalf of the European Union and its Member States. Please allow me to add some remarks in my national capacity.

2. Let me start by thanking the Director General for his report contained in document GOV/2020/04 on the „Nuclear Technology Review 2020“.

3. As in previous years the Executive Summary offers an excellent overview regarding the latest developments in the complex areas of Nuclear Energy and Technology worldwide.

4. As Germany plays an active role in the area of the nuclear fuel cycle the assessments and facts in chapter A.3 of the report are very helpful to understand future market movements especially in the areas of uranium supply and fuel deliveries.

Madame Chair,

5. I would like to highlight some key activities in Germany in the context of Nuclear Technology over the past year and offer some perspectives.

6. After the necessary exchange of fuel elements the Research Reactor at the Technical University in Munich went into operation again in January this year. The reactor (acronym FRM II) will continue to be a cornerstone in the areas of basic research, material testing and nuclear medicine.

7. Over the past months the GER Federal Government was contacted by several start-ups in the field of nuclear fusion. Their vision is to develop fusion power plants based on the physical principles of laser fusion which differs from the physical principles of magnetic fusion on which ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is based.

8. RUS and GER experts convened for a bilateral meeting on nuclear science and technology in Dresden in September 2019. The meeting was organized in the framework of the RUS-GER scientific and technical cooperation in the area of nuclear safety, which dates back to a bilateral agreement signed in 1987 between the Federal Ministry of Research and Technology of the Federal Republic of Germany and the State Committee for the Use of Atomic Energy of the USSR.

9. Finally let me inform you about a Joint Declaration of Intent on cooperation in the field of radioactive waste management research signed by the CZE implementing organisation for radioactive waste management SÚRAO and the GER Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) in December 2019. The declaration sets the framework for cooperation in this field, ensuring scientific and technological progress through shared research and development.

Thank you Madam Chair.


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