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Erklärung zum Safeguards Implementation Report 2019 anlässlich der IAEO-Gouverneursratssitzung ab 15. Juni 2020, Wien





DELIVERED BY: Ambassador Gerhard Küntzle


Vienna, June 2020

AGENDA ITEM 6 (b): The Safeguards Implementation Report for 2019

Madam Chair,

1. Germany aligns itself with the statement delivered by Croatia on behalf of the European Union and its Member States. Please allow me to add some remarks in my national capacity.

2. This year’s SIR is remarkably readable and shows a remarkable transparency. We highly appreciate the Secretariat’s successful work for a more detailed and informative report. We see the description of the Department of Safeguards’ work for the development of State Level Approaches [SLAs] to be extremely useful. We would like to encourage the IAEA to use this format of reporting also in future reports.

3. The SIR clearly shows, how valuable the Additional Protocol is in the interest of nuclear non-proliferation. Credible assurances concerning non-proliferation are the necessary pre-condition for making peaceful use of a wide range of nuclear technologies and radiological applications. These assurances are the basis for the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and technical cooperation.

To give just one current example how Germany is contributing to the IAEAs work in Safeguards: We are looking forward to support the acquisition of a new spectrometer to analyze swipe samples – an
„LG-SIMS“ − for the Analytical Laboratory in Seibersdorf.

4. Let me close by expressing my thanks and highest esteem to the Agency for having responded to the COVID-19 crisis so quickly and help Member States in building capacities to tackle the pandemic.
My special thanks go to DG Grossi, the Safeguards Department and especially to all Safeguards inspectors. Their high motivation, skills and experience ensure a smooth continuation of all verification measures. The fact that, as DG Grossi has mentioned, no inspection was cancelled under the prevailing circumstances, shows that we can count on the Agency in difficult times.

Thank you Madam Chair.


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